What If He Doesn’t Call You Back: A Woman’s Guide

You meet a man, you like each other and start dating to get to know each other better. Apparently everything is going well because you have fun and you have a good time together. One day he stops answering your calls and messages. That surprises you negatively and you wonder what’s wrong with you to make him go away. You have a hard time finding an answer because you were getting along and you felt you had a nice connection with him. So you think:” WHAT IF HE DOES NOT CALL BACK?”, What should I do? Is it worth doing something?. You have several options, the important thing is that you follow your intuition to do the right thing.

Never overwhelm him with calls or messages

The worst thing you can do when faced with a man you care about and no longer call you is to overwhelm him with calls and messages to reach him. You should give him space and wait for him to try to contact you. If he is still interested in you, he will. Keep in mind that if you insist he will think you are desperate to have a man by your side. That attitude will make him completely lose interest in you. You are a valuable woman and you don’t need to insist on a man paying attention to you.

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Don’t reflect what happens to you on social networks

If the man you are interested in stopped calling you, it is a matter that concerns only you and him. You should not make it public on social networks. That negative attitude will speak ill of you and he will go further away. Do not send him messages on any social network. Obviously don’t post anything about it on your personal accounts. This is a personal matter that should remain in your private world.

Talk about it with trusted friends

He stopped communicating with you and logically this situation makes you angry. To feel better you can talk about this issue with friends you trust. Never talk about it with friends you have in common with him. This unpleasant situation could get out of control and could spread to people you don’t even know. However, talking about it will make you feel good. The only thing you should keep in mind is that your friends should be respectful and reserved about it.

Don’t dramatize

If he doesn’t return your calls or messages, don’t take it personally. Maybe he doesn’t contact you because he has urgent financial problems, he’s suffering from depression, he’s got family problems, etc. Chances are you’re not the problem, so you have to relativize this matter. Never give much importance to a man you’re barely knowing. You’re trying to start a relationship with someone, so you shouldn’t be obsessed with anyone. You’re probably going to meet someone interesting to you.

Having a Plan B

When you’re starting to date a man, always have an alternative in case he doesn’t call you back. That’ll keep you from obsessing about what happened to him. However, if you have a Plan B, you won’t be aware of his calls. What he does doesn’t matter to you, because you have other alternatives to have a good time. Remember that your well-being should only depend on you.

Encourage a casual encounter with him

Within all the possibilities you have the option to propitiate a casual encounter with him. You can visit the places you used to go with him so you can see him and talk to him in peace. The meeting should be pleasant and try not to demand anything from him. You did not become a stable couple, therefore you shouldn’t be angry. Tell him his attitude surprised you and you’d like to know why he’s no more communicating with you. If he doesn’t give you a coherent answer, you’d better forget about him.


If he stops calling you and writing you messages, what’s best for you is to wait for this unpleasant situation to resolve itself. If at any time he becomes interested in you again, you should consider whether you give him another chance. However, if he doesn’t contact you again, you should definitely forget him.

Analyze the last time you saw each other

If he doesn’t return your calls or messages, you should analyze what it was like the last time you saw each other. If you remember that he had a distant attitude toward you or that he showed no interest in what you told him, he probably didn’t connect emotionally with you. The best thing you can do is give yourself another chance to keep meeting interesting men

Continue with your life as usual

If he no longer returns your calls, maybe it’s the best time to forget it and get on with your life as usual. Focus on your goals and projects. Face your day with enthusiasm and energy. This way your personal vibration will rise and you will surely attract a handsome and smart man who cares about you.

Analyze his behavior

The man you were interested in no longer contacted you and logically that attitude hurt you. You probably don’t want that to happen to you again with another man. That’s why you have to take into account certain negative attitudes he had towards you. For example: there is no coherence between what he says and does, he hides aspects of his life, he is not honest, he is stingy, the doubt of having a stable relationship. These are all signs that he’s not a reliable man. If you ever cross paths with a man with those features again, you might want to ignore him.


The question “WHAT IF HE DOES NOT CALL BACK?” may worry you a little. Sometimes men behave in an unexpected way. The best thing you can do in these cases is to relativize this matter. Sometimes it’s just not the right time to start a relationship. It is best to take it easy and continue with your plans as usual.

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