5 Conclusive Twin Flame Separation Stages & How To Cope

Are you and your twin flame currently going through a rough patch, and so you find yourself  wondering if the separation phase has started?

If this resonates, you’re in the right place.

This article will give you 5 conclusive signs that you and your twin flame are moving through the separation stage of your journey and leave you with the knowledge of how to cope during this time.

twin flame separation stages

#1. Separation

This is the first and most obvious of the twin flame separation stages.

During the first stage of separation, many twin flames find themselves splitting up and going separate ways more so than initially expected. On and off again is a good way to look at it.

So why does this happen?

This is the initial stage that begins with a person feeling “separated” from their twin flame.

This means they feel they aren’t being consumed by the other person and can act more autonomously than before. 

Often, this stage can be confused with the second stage of detachment, which is my next point on this list.

It’s perfectly normal for the “honeymoon phase” to wind down. Every couple will experience a period of separation where their feelings for each other are less intense than at the beginning of their relationship. 

This is why it’s important to stay as close to your twin flame as possible during this time, even if you are fighting, because you don’t want to feel like you’re losing your lover.

The important thing to avoid is the feeling of being “lost” in the other person. 


Because being lost in the other person, can be draining on the relationship. 

It’s not always a bad thing to be “lost” in each other, indeed this feeling of being lost in someone is why relationships are worth the effort in the first place.

However, you don’t want to become a leech on your twin flame, and constantly take value from them, so much that they feel drained and suffocated.

This habit of “losing yourself” in someone or taking too much can sometimes be difficult to recognize, especially if you have not dealt with this issue before and are not familiar with the stage of separation.

Instead of focusing on your twin flame, focus on yourself

You need to do something for yourself to fill up your love and connection needs as well as to feed your identity separate from the relationship. 

This is so that you can continue growing and evolving as a person. 

Instead of relying on your twin flame for your happiness, worthiness, and validation, you need to rely on yourself for that.

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#2. Detachment

The second step in terms of twin flame separation stages is detachment. In other words, a person may feel “detached” from their twin flame. 

They may still love their partner and want to be with them, but they are back to themselves and can now appreciate their own individuality. 

They can still communicate with their partner as long as they do not consciously try to merge with them or try to “blend in” with the other person.

Even though you’re one half of a twin flame, the stage of complete obsession and “togetherness” needs to slowly die down and evolve into something else.

So if you’re struggling with your individuality, know that it’s part of the process. 

You are meant to evolve and grow as an individual. If you’re not able to recognize your authentic self, you will not be able to fully surrender to your twin flame. 

So, how do you deal?

Find alternative methods of feeling connected in life. You can connect with friends, nature, animals, with memories or past events.

Whatever it is, you need to be resourceful enough to get through this time, and finding alternative ways to feel connected is where it’s at.

Just remember that sometimes, twins can go through phases of forgetting each other or feeling like they do not want to exist together.

This is ok. You will find your way back to each other if you just find the right moment and time to communicate to your twin and see where they are at. 

One way to ensure that you do get back to each other, is to focus on building attraction and connection.

Specifically, you want to build emotional attraction and emotional connection. These two things will ensure that you twin flame will always want to commit to you emotionally and be close to you forever.

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#3. Individuation: 

At this point, a person can start to understand their individual identity and separate from the group of “one” that is with the twin. 

During the twin flame seperation stages, this is the point where some people can feel resentful or angry that the other person hurt or betrayed them. 

In this stage, they may feel like they have been abandoned and are being left with their own self to rely on.

I know it’s a lot to go through, but it’s necessary. You may not like it now, but you will come out of it a stronger person. 

If you are still expecting to be with your twin flame in all aspects of your daily life, you will only continue to get frustrated and resentful. 

This type of anger or resentment comes from trying to stay in the “one” identity. 

As long as you keep focusing on being one with the other person, you may encounter more disconnects from the other person, and this can cause frustration.

Regaining your own identity is key here. 


Do the things you love and that fulfill you and make you the individual that you are. 

Learning to love yourself and living authentically are all steps towards twin flame ascension.

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#4. Resistance

The second last phase of the twin flame separation stages (and often the most confusing,) is resistance.

During the resistance phase, a person can feel very angry and try to push the other person away from them. 

They may feel like they are standing on their own two feet, but it is important to remember that they are still attached and connected as individuals. 

They still need support, love, and guidance from their twin to continue forward in their lives.

So what do you do?

Well, if you are feeling the resistance energy, it is absolutely necessary to stay in contact with your twin flame. 

You need to reach out to them and ask for help, even if you think it’s just a “pick me up” or “to make me feel better.” 

Connecting with your twin will not work if you are truly resisting them. Your twin needs to know that you are still connected and that you still love them.

This stage can be very difficult for twin flames because they may start feeling like they no longer trust the other person or their intentions. 

They may think that their twin flame is just trying to “make them feel good” or “get them out of their funk” instead of actually being there for them.

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#5. Distancing

Last but not least in the sequence of twin flame separation stages comes distancing.

This stage is where you are separated from your twin and then you begin to distance yourself from your twin flame relationship.

It is potentially the most painful stage for a person to experience, because this is where a person may feel like they are being left to fend for themselves. 

They feel detached and love is no longer there.

It’s important to recognize that you are still attached and connected as individuals as long as you don’t resist your twin flame and give up on them completely. 

This can often be the point of crisis for many people because they start feeling extremely lonely and disconnected from the ones who were supposed to be with them through thick and thin.

Here are some very important things to remember during this stage:

Even though you are in a state of separation, you are still attached and connected as individuals. 

You need to continue working on your own self-love and self-improvement, but you must do that for yourself instead of trying to just “get over it” and be with your twin flame. 

Separation is good for both twin flames since they get to focus on themselves instead of their relationship.

You may need to do things that you don’t want to do, but try not to overthink or resist those strong feelings and continue to work on filling yourself and your life up. 

Sometimes you need to do things that are different from what your twin flame is doing in order for them to be the best version of themselves.

In other words, sometimes you need to grow first in order to inspire your twin to grow.

This can be very painful and it’s important to give yourself the space you need.

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Do All Twin Flame Relationships Go Through Separation?

The short answer – yes.

Every twin-flame relationship is different, but there are some common things you will experience if you are in a twin-flame relationship.

If the relationship is not progressing- if the two people are not moving forward in their relationship and working on themselves, then separation occurs. 

This can be painful for both parties but is necessary in order to ascend and continue forward on the path of the relationship.

Sometimes a person may start to act out their own soul lessons and subconsciously push away the other twin to bring them to a place where they can grow and learn those lessons. 

It is important not to resent or be angry with your twin flame during this time.

If you are in a twin flame relationship, remember that separation is part of the process but it doesn’t mean that you are giving up on your twin flame relationship forever.

When Does A Twin Flame Reunion Occur?

if you’re looking for a timeline, prepare to be disappointed because there isn’t one.

The time a twin flame reunion occurs can be very different for each person. 

Some people experience this immediately after their twin flame separation while others may wait years or a lifetime to experience the reunion.

When you are ready as an individual, your twin will also be ready to reunite with you and help you on your path.

Even though the timeline of your twin flame relationship is different for each person, there are some core lessons that everyone goes through during the twin flame relationship cycle.

The separation will quickly pass when you shift into the stage of distance and realize that your twin flame is still connected and needs support. If a person can stay in this space, it means they are ready to reunite with their twin flame partner again.

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it’s easy to get frustrated when you are dealing with twin flame separation stages. It can often seem unfair (since one twin is more into the relationship than another) and leave one twin feeling more vulnerable than the other.

However, you must remember that this is the way it’s supposed to be. Twin flames are meant to be powerful teachers for each other, which means that one of them will need to be comparatively more vulnerable or in charge of the relationship at some point in time.

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