Should Tall Women Date Short Men?

Should Tall Women Date Short Men?

Dating as a tall woman is different to dating as a short or average height woman. To put it simply, being a tall woman can either be a blessing or a curse…

Here’s a short story from a client of mine on her experience of being a woman who is 6 ft tall, dating short men.

The Men Who Are Just Too Insecure to Date A Tall Woman

I went on my first date with a guy who was 5’10. He was fun to talk to on the phone, there was some bantering, and our first date was spontaneous.

He had an idea I wasn’t initially comfortable with (social distancing walk. We take a dip in the water to cool off and drink white claws), but I came around to. He was nice and he seemed understanding of my boundary to meet in public.

We ate out and the food was great. I can’t complain about that part of the date.

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His jokes around my height…

However, before we met in person, we had already discussed my height.

To give you an idea of a few of the jokes around my height, here’s a few of the passing remarks he made:

This first one was about me wearing heels on the date.

Him: “oh you wore those, you’re bad,”

My response: “gotta get use to it sooner than later” (with a smile)

Then when he was walking me to my car, I could tell he was trying to appear taller.

While we were walking, he tried to use the height difference in the sidewalk by standing on the curve while I stood on the part that dips down into the street.

This is why I find being a taller woman a blessing and a curse. On one hand, it’s nice to be tall, but on the other, you are always having to deal with the insecurities in short or average height men.

I wore wedges on this date.

The day before he joked “just don’t wear heels,” with a laugh.

I said “Oh I leave my stilettos at home, but nothing will stop me from wearing a tiny heel.”

Being on the date with him was not all bad. To be honest, he was really fun, but I don’t need an insecure man.

As a tall woman, I’ve dealt with situations like this too many times before. I just hate to think that every man I meet who is not that tall will end up just being a repeat of my ex.

It was my average height ex who told me…

“…And you remind me that I’m shorter every time I see you,” and that was just my presence.”

So who really is insecure here? I know men don’t like to feel dominated by a tall woman.

I know they don’t like to have a woman tower over them, but I don’t need their insecurities used against me. It just feels like they are trying to make me insecure.

Conclusion: Should Tall Women Date Short Men?

So, should taller women date shorter men? In my opinion, it depends exactly how tall you are, and how you feel about it as a woman.

Short men can make great partners to a tall woman. Overall, it depends less on their height and more on their self esteem.

But this story from my client gives me reason to say that there are plenty of reasons why a very tall woman, say a 6ft tall women shouldn’t date shorter men if she feels like it could be a problem for her in the relationship.

Here’s another article I wrote on ‘Is It Superficial For Tall Women To Rule Out Dating Shorter Men?”

Every woman is different and every man is different.

Some taller women have told me that taller women get tired of the focus being on something they cannot control.

And they want to be seen for their overall beauty and wit. Not just for their greater height.

If your relationship with a shorter man causes that much emotional stress on something that you cannot control, then it’s fair that you wouldn’t want to date them.

I am certain however, that there will be a few shorter men out there who don’t have the same insecurities as their short counterparts. So, keep that in mind.

To give you some inspiration, here’s an article on short celebrity men who have dated taller women.

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16 thoughts on “Should Tall Women Date Short Men?”

  1. ‘Taller women get tired of the focus being on something they cannot control’

    With all due respect as a reasonably tall guy 6’2” and
    not really giving much credence to height, my present
    gf is 6’1” and she controls her attitude/what comes out of her mouth and maybe to your suggestion, depending on her shoe choice she can be eye level and in many cases rise like 5” above me and that’s great. I’ll leave it at that.

  2. My longtime woman friend showed me your blog/magazine and as a male height challenged 5’6” and she’s an amazing 6’3” and thinks nothing of wearing hi heels and in fact her bedroom slippers have a 2” heel
    and fortunately for me she prefers to be the dominate partner and I have no reservation
    and relish her dominating towering stature not to mention her beauty and intelligence of this woman and we are in our 50s.

  3. Saw your blog/magazine and fortunately my
    very tall woman friend who is 6’5” and being a male height challenged stature of 5’7” , it’s
    amazing how our excessive height difference has brought us together and many challenges bring us even closer and her shoe choice of hi heels has really never
    been an issue for us.

  4. Saw your blog and to think being a tall woman isn’t a blessing your nuts.
    I am a male considered good looking, however being 5’6” that’s a curse as even women 5’2” think i’m to short for them.

    • This is me and my story. I love my height. I just get tired of people not seeing my beauty in personality and other great features. I’m more than my height.

  5. I see no reason why not and in fact as a male 6’2” met an amazing age appropriate woman who is 6’8” and when she showed up for our first date was wearing flats and I said where are the heels and our next date and to this day she wears hi heels except on the beach and it’s only a shame we meet so late in life.

  6. I would certainly hope so, being a reasonably tall guy 6’2” and honestly prefer taller women either biologically or in heels or both.

  7. Being a reasonably tall 6’2” good looking guy I have found most taller women are the problem. I was dating a beautiful woman 6’3” who couldn’t wouldn’t let the fact she was taller go and my present relationship is with a gorgeous woman 6’1”wears hi heels and enjoys being taller and her confidence makes for a fabulous relationship.

  8. I am a tall guy 6’3” in a relationship with a very attractive woman who is 6’5” and
    constantly wears hi heels and I really have no problem with it, however at times she refers to me as her little man and i’ll respond step off the ladder and she will kick off the heels and she’ll repeat your still my little man and i’m starting to wonder is 2” that much of a difference, honestly I have no problem looking up at her or being looked down on by her, I just don’t like her reference even in jest.

  9. Came across your blog/site since height never seemed to be a thought as a male 6’2” a bit past middle aged recently hooked up with a very attractive age appropriate woman thru several mutual friends and as indicated she’s really attractive and is 6’5” and honestly at first I wasn’t quite sure how to be in this position for the first time in my adult life. Honestly it’s fabulous and it’s even more fabulous when this wonderful smart woman ventures to wear hi heels and for me to have to look up in her eyes and her looking and even bending down I can’t even begin to express how wonderful this relationship has been and how comfortable she makes our(my being shorter) comfortable. I am so thankful for our relationship and I hope to spend the rest of my life with this fabulous woman.

  10. I would certainly hope so as a male 5’9”
    it seems every woman lately is taller than me either biologically by shoe choice and in most cases both. I have come to actually want to be with a taller beautiful woman and only hope
    they leave their height issues at home
    stop complaining and appreciate god’s
    gift they have, I certainly do.

  11. The other day I was listening to a conversation, ‘is it better to be a tall woman or a short man’ and the general answer was why is everyone concerned with something they really have no control over, ok. I to some extent take exception as a good looking guy only 5’6” and that’s it, however women at any height can wear hi heels and do have some control. My present gf is 5’9” and she can go from 3” to 6” taller just by her shoe choice and usually goes with the latter and honestly it’s fine with me since she has to do all the leaning/bending over/down for hugs/kisses. It’s really up to the individuals involved.

  12. What’s the difference it’s like a couple off inches, i’m 6’2”she’s 6’4” then the hi heels and now it’s 8” and i can’t reach her lips or face unless she bends down or kicks off those heels I think it’s fabulous she has to do all the accommodating love it. Besides she’s smart gorgeous and I love her.

  13. I am a 6’3” guy in a relationship with a very attractive woman who is 6’7” yes I feel short, small coming under her chin
    and then she goes with those heels and yes she’s even more gorgeous and I become even shorter and my mixed emotions of feeling emasculated and when she lowers herself to accommodate my being able to reach her lips it becomes so much a turn on I totally forget like our(my) 8” shorter and what it must look like. It doesn’t seem to bother her as it does me and almost everyone we come in contact with.

  14. I am trying to figure out the stress on a taller woman with a shorter man. I am a male 6’2” in a relationship with an extremely attractive woman who is 6’7”
    and that height difference is a bit challenging to hug/kiss for me and then
    she wears 4”+ heels and now it’s totally up to her for initiating the hugs/kisses and she has stress? Fortunately in our situation the awkwardness has long past and our body language seems to work perfectly as she has no problem lower/bending to accommodate her towering presents over me and it’s a blessing being with this taller fabulous woman.


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