How to Get a Guy to Like you in 7 Simple Steps

So, you’ve gone and fallen in love with a guy. He’s cute, funny and you know that you both would hit it off instantly – if only he noticed you. 

It isn’t a fair playing field out there (is anything ever fair in life?) 

So it’s important to make sure that you go for the guy you like, but in the right way. The right way is to show up as a high value woman and add value to his life.

But when you’ve developed feelings for someone, it can be easy to act on emotions and impulse. 

Whether it’s true love or just a crush, the emotions run through you like a current. 

These feelings do have a way of manipulating your actions, sometimes in embarrassing ways. 

It isn’t easy to make the first move, but when the feelings are strong you should try to find the courage and take a leap of faith. 

You could potentially fall flat on your face or you could find yourself soaring with elation because your feelings were reciprocated. 

To have that special someone not just notice you, but also like you back is arguably the best feeling in the world. After all, it is what poets have been writing about for centuries!

One of the major reasons your feelings might go ignored by your crush is because you might not be expressing them in effective ways. By getting in his face too much, or by being loud or needy, you will only push him away.

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We’ve got 7 tips on how to get a guy to like you. These should help you not only channelize your feelings in a less cringey way, but also put you on his radar. 

He’s bound to look at you after you try these out!

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1. Use The Art Of Being Yourself 

Research has shown that being yourself has positive outcomes for relationships in the long term. It has also shown that being yourself helps you attract a mate with similar characteristics to you.

Not only that, but being yourself has proven to be more attractive than just playing annoying games.

See: game playing isn’t always bad: you can play games with the intention of being playful and with the intent to add value or build emotional attraction.

For example, you can use the dark feminine art of high value banter to stand out and inspire guys to feel emotionally attracted to you.

This is an example of a dating strategy you can use consciously that adds value.

However, a lot of people out there play games from a value extracting place, and for this reason, game playing can be extremely off putting.

Ultimately, if you want to know how to get a guy to like you, the most important way is to own your authentic self. 


Don’t hide your quirks or the things that make you unique. Those are the things that will make him develop a love for you and only you. 

Whether it’s a little snort when you laugh or your love for cartoons (guilty), don’t be afraid to show yourself for who you really are.

These are the things that guys will emotionally connect to, and emotional connection is one of the two most important things that form a relationship and later, make it last.

(If you’re wondering what the second most important thing is, it’s emotional attraction!)

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We tend to move towards people who are confident and comfortable in their skin – research has proven this. 


A guy will also like you for the same reason; that you’re weird and damn proud of it! 

Confidence is sexier than we give it credit for, but remember, the fake stuff won’t do. 

You have to truly feel good in your own shoes. That’s what will bring out the inner glow and pull him towards you. Some ways you can present yourself in a more confident way are:

2. Ask for His Help (Trigger The Hero Instinct)

Men are hardwired to want to be the hero (the highest status guy). As such, they will generally feel compelled to help a vulnerable, attractive woman.

They also have a natural tendency to take care of the people they consider ‘their people’. 

This hero instinct (yup, it’s actually called that) motivates a man to not only stick around but also actively take care of the woman in his life.

When you activate this instinct in a guy, he will be naturally inclined towards you and want to be around you more. 

What’s one way to trigger his hero instinct?

Make him feel needed.

The most basic way you can make him feel like you need him is by simply asking for help. 

Again, make sure you don’t fake it, no one likes a person who is deliberately looking for attention. 

But if there is something you are curious about or you need guidance in (and you know he knows something about it), you can ask him about it. 

It’ll make him feel wanted and respected and that’s something we would all gravitate towards, right? 

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3. Make Him Feel More Masculine 

This is an extension of asking a man for help. When you activate the hero instinct you also make him feel more masculine. 

How do you make a man feel more masculine?

  • You appreciate his efforts and his hard work in his own life
  • Take note of his achievements
  • Learn how to be more feminine and submissive
  • Let him show you the way with some things and be responsive to his suggestions
  • Validate his feelings and experiences as a man. By validating his feelings and his worldview, you help him feel more secure 

For a man, having a woman who has faith in him and gives him a feeling of importance feels good. 


When you’re trying to attract that special man to you, try giving him that feeling. 

He’ll naturally want to be around you more and will warm up to you sooner than you think.

4. Aim To Look Good and Dress to Impress

This might sound cliché, but it’s really important for you to focus on looking good. 

Scientific studies show that the strongest predictor of attraction for men and women was physical attractiveness.

This isn’t about wearing the most expensive brands or wearing lots of makeup every day. Instead, it’s about: 

  • Holding yourself as a high value woman
  • Being presentable
  • Eating healthy foods so that your skin, hair and figure are looking their best; and 
  • Even having your own spin on fashion
  • Dress and carry yourself in a way that would make the guy look at you with wonder.

We’ve all seen movies with makeover montages. From She’s All That to The Princess Diaries, we’ve seen it work spectacularly. 

This is because the first thing we notice in someone is: 

  • Their looks
  • How they dress; and 
  • Their body language

To have confident body language is key but looking good along with that can be a game changer. 

Not only will it boost your own confidence even more, but the guy you’re interested in will likely turn to look at you a second time.  

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5. Flirt 

If you want to convey interest in a high value way, use your flirtation skills. Flirting is a necessary part of attracting a mate and it is part of the human mating dance. 


Make it fun! Playing it safe might be easy but it won’t get you noticed. 

Sure, you don’t need to flap your arms like a bird and put on a show but there are subtle hints you can drop to get him to notice you. 

Subtle flirting works best. Some ways you can flirt to make a guy like you are:

  • Playing with your hair
  • Holding eye contact for a little longer than usual
  • Giving compliments (genuine ones, of course)
  • Friendly physical contact like a touch on the arm or even a high five 

6. Share your Passions and Interests 

Passion is contagious and when you can resonate with a man’s passions, that will add value to his life.

Men like interesting women who live their passion and are also proud to be intelligent. 

By showing off your skills, your passions and your interests you can let him know that you are a woman of value.

This is something you can do easily at work or even if you’re at school. 

  • If you’re good at making presentations, flaunt it proudly 
  • If you’ve completed an assignment or work project successfully then celebrate it

This will show your crush that not only are you brilliant and accomplished but also that you celebrate your winnings

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7. Give him Space 

Men like their privacy and enjoy being in their own space from time to time. 

This is for no reason other than the fact that men need to recharge their masculine energy away from connecting with a woman. 


Before you even get into a relationship with this guy, try to show him that you’re the type of woman who can handle a man’s need for space and time.

Respecting that need is essential for getting a guy to like you. It shows you have empathy (which is invaluable when you’re looking to connect with and be in a relationship with a man). 

Showing that you understand that he needs to switch off and have some alone time.

Giving a little breathing space also leaves some room for him to miss you. 

Being with a woman constantly can be disorienting and exhausting for a man especially. 

Not to mention, even for you as a woman – being in one man’s company for too long can make you feel depleted. You need to recharge your feminine energy by being with girlfriends and family!

So, giving space is a great thing. In your absence, he’ll get a chance to think about you, feel what it’s like for you to be absent and to truly examine whether he has feelings for you. 

This is the environment in which he’ll think about whether he wants to make a move and take your friendship to the next level.

You can also create an air of mystery by leaving some things up to his imagination and leave him hanging for more.

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The Bottom Line

In short, the next time you ask yourself how to get a guy to like you, think about how you can be of high value and offer value to a man’s life.

You offer value by: 

  • Understanding what a man needs
  • Holding yourself as a woman of value and confidence (including adopting the right body language and posture)
  • By flirting and initiating the mating dance
  • By being unabashedly yourself and by being proud of your achievements Showing off your good qualities, physical and intellectual; and
  • By respecting a man’s boundaries

Getting a guy to like you, isn’t rocket science when you think about it. It’s just about showing up with value, as that’s going to give yourself the best chances.

And at the end of the day all you can do is try your best. And if your feelings are not reciprocated, then worry not, because there are plenty more fish in the sea. 

Soon someone else will come along who might make your heart tingle again – someone who might actually end up feeling the same way you do about them!



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