How to be a High Value Woman when Online Dating in 3 Steps

How do you Stay High Value when Online Dating?

How do you be a high value woman when online dating? How do you protect yourself as a woman when online dating?

Online dating apps are often full of scammers, f***boys, users, narcissists and liars. But there are definitely some great men on dating apps too. You just have to weed out the bad quality men along the way!

To find the good eggs on these dating apps, you have to be astute and not get sucked into attention from men. Remember that attention has nothing to do with intention.

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So how do you be a high value woman whilst staying safe and maintaining a connection with men?

Here are 3 steps to help you stay high value when online dating:

STEP 1: Be clear about your intentions for dating in your bio.

It’s very important from early stages of conversing that you’re on the same path.

There’s a big difference in wanting “something casual” to “looking for “something serious” and you may find that men also appreciate you being candid about where you’re at in your dating journey.

Ask them where they are on theirs. It saves you both valuable time.

I once talked with a guy online many times throughout the day for a week, before it came out he was polyamorous and in an open marriage.

Not my desire. I am not polyamorous and never will be. I’ve seen friends go through polyamorous relationships and I am yet to see one turn out well.

From this experience, I’m reminded that I wish I’d known to talk intentions early on.

You don’t want to talk seriously about this stuff immediately, but you should keep in mind that it’s important to do so, before you get hit with some shocking bit of information about the guy after you’ve already invested in him!

Again, remember that attention has nothing to do with intention.

STEP 2: Video chat as soon as possible.

Do this before you meet in person and have much time/energy invested. It’s good for both of you and helps to break the ice when you do meet in person you’ll feel more connected and comfortable.

I recently spoke to a client of mine who should have done this with someone she was very interested in recently.

It turned out when she did a search of his phone number (red flag alert) he wasn’t who he said he was, and had even stolen photos of another man.

Remember, it’s very easy for someone to look you up for free online if they have your number. And they will find your address and personal information.

STEP 3: Listen to your intuition.

Be very careful not to trust so quickly and give many personal details before you meet.

Use the phone or video option on the dating app instead of giving out your phone number.

Don’t make these mistakes when writing your online dating profile either.

Be careful, whilst lots of women are finding and meeting their ‘one’ online, there’s lots of scammers on online dating apps. So you have to be willing to take online dating seriously, and spend the effort weeding them out!

That is all and be safe out there on these dating apps.

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