How to be a High Value Woman and Show up High Value to Men?

How do You Show up High Value to Men?

Many women assume that in order to be high value, their focus must be on the Man.

Women often ask questions like “what does it mean when he says, does or feels a, b or c?

What should I do to get him to do this?

If I say this or do this, will that get him to give me THIS?

When women are dating men online or offline, there is often a constant struggle of feeling like you’re not getting what you want (at least initially).

However, are these things really the purpose of even trying to be high value?

If you need to state your high value boundaries as a woman, it should be because they are your personal boundaries.

If you feel vulnerable or need to be vulnerable, it is because you are a woman, and vulnerability is our strength and most feminine trait.

If you ‘lean back’ when dating instead of leaning forward, it should be because you need the space to focus.

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To be High Value, be Authentic First!

None of these typical actions taken by women in dating should be taken because they will manipulate a man into thinking you’re the woman of his dreams.

Nothing you do to be “high value” should be done because you assume that by doing these things, he will suddenly turn into the man of your dreams.

That sort of thinking is inherently low-value, disguised as character building.

I think that the ultimate goal in pursuing our feminine nature is so that we could be the best version of ourselves: radiant, inviting, engaging and free.

It is this AUTHENTICITY that will draw the right man in. it is the ENERGY of true authenticity that engages the world around you, with you!

A woman’s focus should be on whether she should wear that cute dress or send that text message, the focus must be on your intention behind doing so.

Here’s the question to ask yourself: are your actions a conscious and aware effort to become more connected with your wants and to grow your femininity and build your character from within?

Or: are your actions more an effort to hoard someone else’s energy in an effort to fill up an empty sense of self esteem, or even for validation?

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Humans can feel and respond to your energy and your intention. They can tell when you’re being disingenuous.


Becoming high value is about being and presenting the most ‘you’ version of yourself. If you lose sight of that, it doesn’t matter what you do, the results that you get with men will never change.

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