I’m very glad to be merging with down under club Calgary. They’ve served a long time as the Australian hub for those living in Calgary Canada, and now it’s time to merge here with Alice-Wang.com.

Please enjoy my site and I hope you learn something new, and find some insight into what I write about.

The Downunder Social Club was a not-for-profit organization based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The purpose of this club is to provide the opportunity for Australians and New Zealanders living in Calgary to create an expatriate community through family and social events throughout the year. While celebrating our traditions, keeping members and their families informed about news back home and warding off the homesick blues, the Club also encourages our community to explore and appreciate Calgary and Canada’s society and culture.

Club membership is free and we attempt to subsidise our events through our fundraising efforts, however some events do come with a cost..

Hope you enjoy my posts…