How To Be The One & Only: ONE Thing To Do

We live in a very hyper active and sexually driven society, where sex and meeting women has become as simple as a swipe on the screen.

We live in a world where men no longer have to do much to extend an effort to get attention from a young beautiful woman.

They are dime a dozen and these women are quite fine with initiation. They don’t mind pursuing men themselves, just because they are lonely or just want to have fun.

But a woman chasing and pursuing a man due to loneliness is not always a good idea. Here’s a good article on the topic of how to get men to actually chase you, instead of you chasing them!

The way this translates to an average male is that there is always another one, maybe a better one around the corner. Many men these days are not led by honor, nobility and settling down with their one and only. On that note, check out this video The Feminine Woman made on Becoming His One and Only.

How To Be The One And Only Woman: Do This ONE Thing

What do you have to do to become the one and only?

Eliminate the men who are not looking for their one and only.

The men who are sensible and have matured beyond their carnal nature and actually desire to settle down and find their one and only are rare – those are the high quality men…

What this means for a high quality woman is that we must be skilled to pin point those who are actually worthy of investing time and getting to know them deeper.

Honestly, a date or two, a conversation or two should be enough to identify such men. Here’s an article to help you with ideas on where to meet and date more men.

What this means is that we need to do better and not be so caught up and afraid to let go of rubbish, they weed themselves out very effectively by their behavior towards us, and we need to be attuned to their behaviour, rather than being desperate for their attention.

Remember, there will be more “no”s and just one final “yes”. So each “no” is simply getting you closer to the one you are meant to be with.

In the meantime, let go easily and don’t let finding the one become your ultimate goal in life (thus an idol).



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