Can I Still Find Love If I Cannot Have Children?

Here’s a question from Christine…

I would love to know your opinions and beliefs.
If a woman is unable to have children even though she wants it very badly, can she still find love?
I ask this, because a woman unable to have children but who wants them would be most attracted to the men who also want to have children.
Is it a life contradiction?
Can love survive this test?

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Can True Love Survive The Test Of Infertility?

Absolutely! The world is full of men who want different things and who are open to different things.

My friend cannot have children. She has been married for 20 years now. Her husband adores her.

Honestly when there is true love the relationship will thrive. So many men in this world do not want children. Children are not necessary to experience true love.

They do not make the relationship better or more enjoyable. Once I thought if I had kids my relationship would be better. But I was wrong. I had kids and my relationship got worse until it dissolved completely.

Trust That True Love IS Out There For You!

Yet unfortunately this is not true with all men. You just have to keep the faith and trust that the right man who truly loves you is out there. (And he always is!)

An old high school friend of mine was told before she married that she would not be able to carry to term due to health issues.

The man she was with married her anyways and knew what was going on.

They were lucky enough to have a good friend who had had 2 healthy successful pregnancies and told them that if she really couldn’t carry, then she would gladly be her surrogate.

If a man loves you he should be able to adopt.

Adopting is a wonderful thing, and the children ARE yours, as long as you raise them right!

A client of mine dated a man for over a year and he broke up with her because she couldn’t have kids. It all depends on the man’s values and rules for his life. You just have to make sure that you discuss each other’s values and rules as soon as possible after meeting!

Also, some men already have kids and don’t want anymore. But I truly believe that if love is strong and real, it should not be an insurmountable problem. There are alternatives such as surrogate, etc.

I feel like the best thing in this situation is honesty about the situation, but also timing at discussing it.

Over to you now. Please share in the comments: what do you think? Do you think it’s possible to find love if you cannot have children?

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