18 Simple Ideas For How to be More Feminine & Attractive

18 Simple ideas for how to be more feminine.

How can you be more feminine and attractive?

This is a question that more and more women are having to ask themselves!

Thanks to living in the western world where our feminine energy is often crushed in favour of having a kick ass career, as well as focusing on goal-setting and achievements.

You don’t always have to use make up to look more feminine or to get in touch with your feminine energy. Even though it can help. Sometimes it’s just the simple things that will get you there.

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What are some simple ideas to increase your feminine energy?

  1. Giggle.
  2. Perfume. (Not too strong)
  3. Nail polish. (Whatever colors you feel like wearing)
  4. Go barefoot. (On the beach, in the grass). This will help you to get in touch with your sensitivity and your body.
  5. Flowery dresses. (Twirl around in them!)
  6. Play. (With a child, with your man, with your girlfriends).
  7. Dance. (To your favorite music).
  8. Wiggle your toes.
  9. Play with your hair or earring. (This accentuates the differences between you and masculine men!)
  10. Ice cream. (ENJOY it!) The pleasure will fill up your feminine senses and body.
  11. Fluffy drinks through a straw.
  12. Satin shirts. (Nice and soft and very feminine).
  13. Sing. (Badly if you must.)
  14. Girly music.
  15. Go to the bathroom with your friends (men are intrigued by that because they never do it or feel a need to do it).
  16. Bangle or bracelet.
  17. Wear a flower in your hair.
  18. Be free and let go!!!

Practice relaxing into your feminine energy

The connection to your divine feminine will come with time and practice, as well as a conscious effort.

Sometimes it takes a while to get your body out of masculine mode, but it’s always worth it. Without your feminine energy, how will you ever attract a quality masculine man who is worth your time and energy?

Here’s more resources on how to become more feminine.

Thanks for taking the time to read and see you next time!

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